Curriculum Vitae,  Onno de Meijer B.Sc., WinRFCalc Designer and Program Manager

40 years of experience with EMC, RF and Telecommunications, and now putting this RF design and project experience into WinRFCalc....

During my professional career, I often designed special software tools to support my design and project work and make life as a designer/project manager easier.

This resulted, in early 2022, that I made the decision to integrate the large collection of available individual calculators I have designed the last years and covering different subjects I already had available into one single software package with the possibility to navigate easily between the different calculators in the package. 

This navigation has been made really easy, with the special designed FAVS (favorites) toolbar, which you can configure yourself with respect to its content and the position of the bar on the PC screen.

Next to working professionally with RF technology, I have an A-Class Ham Radio operator license since 1977 with an operator call-sign PA3AKP. Since 2012 I am also an active member of the PI4CC Ham Radio contest group PI4CC located in a WWII bunker complex in Hoek van Holland.

Want to know more about me, my work in the past and the projects I have designed and have been working on, please see my LinkedIn page.

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