News from our development team.

A large number of new tools have been released in version V2.3.2.1 in March 2023.


NEW : Inter-modulation level calculator [entered 070123]

Calculate the power levels of the two 3rd order inter-modulation products with the 3rd order intercept point (3OIP) and the two carrier levels as the input parameters. A calculator working the other way around is already available in the program.

RF immunity calculator [entered 281222], pending.

In the course 2023 we plan to introduce a brand new RF immunity system calculator which can be used to layout systems. The plan is to take into consideration the following design parameters.

     -  RF amplifier gain, 1dB compression power vs. frequency

     -  Cable lengths and losses versus frequency

     -  Coupler losses

     -  Antenna factors / gains versus frequency

     -  Chamber imperfections

General RF Window clean-up [done]

The calculators in the tabs of this window will be changed to individual calculator windows. This makes working with more than one calculator on the desktop at the same time possible.

In the next release to following individual calculators will be available:

     - L and C reactance versus frequency

     - L and C resonance frequency

     - Temperature, bandwidth and noise power

     - Coaxial cable impedance

     - Single layer inductance's

Sub-Forms with Icons to select a calculator


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