Upgrading your WinRFCalc Trial Free to a Pro Edition.

Standard, after downloading and installation, you can work with a functional limited Free Trial Edition. Next to this Free Trial Edition, three licensed Pro Editions are available in which all limitations are removed for 1, 2 or 3 years.

WinRFCalc specifications PDF
Read the differences between the Free Trial and Pro Editions
WinRFCalc_Versions_2321.pdf (79.03KB)
WinRFCalc specifications PDF
Read the differences between the Free Trial and Pro Editions
WinRFCalc_Versions_2321.pdf (79.03KB)

Upgrade to Pro?

In the menu bar of the main window you can find an 'Upgrade' and below a Pro Upgrade menu item.  If you click on the PRO upgrade menu item a new window will open, as you can see below. 


The Pro license request is for your personal WinRFCalc ID number [to see this number click on the main window, on the menu bar on MyID ] and will only run on the device on which from where you requested a WinRFCalc PRO license.

Step 1:

The Window opens with an Empty Clipboard field.

In case you have already entered your

  • first and last name
  • e-mail address
  • and optionally your company name

into the new user form at first start, this information appears automatically in the Pro version request Window.

Select the Pro license period you would like to use, with the opportunity to save 50% in combination with a three years license.

Click to 'Request Code' button after this has been enabled and turned into green.

Step 2:

After this click the Clipboard Field is loaded with Pro request information and the bottom on the lower side of the form is activated and turned into a green color.

After a click on the 'Finalize' button, a WinRFCalc Web browser will open with the rfcalculator.com contact page.

Step 3:

The calculator.com/contact page will load with all your data for the request form already filled in into the contact form.

Just click on the 'Send' button to transfer your request.

You will receive a confirmation of your Pro-Upgrade request from winrfcalc(at)outlook.com

In the same e-mail we will request you to transfer the corresponding amount of Euro's for the Pro license to the the PayPal  account mentioned in the e-mail.

-  Euro 29.95         one year Pro license.

-  Euro 19.95         [-35%] for a two years Pro license.

-  Euro 14.95         [-50%] for three years Pro license.

IMPORTANT: mention your WinRFCalc ID in the PayPal transfer!

After receiving your payment, you will receive an e-mail with the license-code file of your selected WinRFCalc Pro subscription from winrfcalc(at)outlook.com.

The license-file, named myid.rfl, must be placed in the directory:


Once we have send you the e-mail including the .rfl license file, cancellation and/or reimbursement is not possible anymore!

The subject of the e-mail is License-Code-WinRFCalc and will include the license file for the ordered license period. The license file is named MyID.rfl, where MyID is corresponding with your personal WinRFCalc ID you received during installation.

Download the installation instructions here

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