Current and Future Topics covered in RF calculator.

The following topics are covered, some are covered by more than one calculator:

Antennas, Gain and field strength, Effective antenna area, Field Strength, Field Regions, Magnetic Loop Transmit antenna calculator, HV Air Isolated Variable Capacitor calculator

RF Mixer spurious

Filters (analog). Butterworth and Chebychev designs, Interdigital and L-Match and Narrow Band Hybrid  Couplers

EMC, Radiated and Conducted Immunity system calculation, SAR (Specific Absorption Rate)

EMC TEM cell and stripline calculator

Strip line calculator

Radar, Doppler, Range, Target Sim

Shielding, Plane wave, Near Field, Skin effect , Wave Guide cutoff frequency and Cavity resonance

DSP, FIR Filter coefficient calculation

Complex calculations a + jb

Coaxial line impedance

Transmission line impedance of many structures

Unit conversions, Power, RF Fields

-  Basic electrical calculations, parallel resistors, series capacitors.

Resistive attenuators, VSWR improvement

General RF, Cascaded amplifiers, Coaxial line impedance, IP3, Passive Inter-modulation, Noise related calculations

Number conversion [ Decimal - Octal - Hexadecimal ]

-  Power factor compensation inductive loads

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