Windows RF Calculator version information page.

On this page you can read WinRFCalc version information from V2.3.1.0 released on January 1st 2023 and higher.

WinRFCalc V2.3.2.2 Intermediate update

- Some users experience start code issues. Fix implemented

WinRFCalc V2.3.2.1 Intermediate update

- Added additional status label "Pro-Version for all functions" in most Windows
- Revised Student Free / Pro settings on most forms
- Start-up request procedure error removal
- BUG FIX in Power Units Converter, all log functions must be LOG10 [19-Mar-2023]

WinRFCalc V2.3.2.0 Update 010323

- General RF Window completely reorganized.
- All tabbed calculators are now individual windows.
- After this change, the following separate calculator windows are inserted:
- L and C reactance calculator
- L and C resonance calculators
- Noise figure / noise temperature calculator
- Coaxial impedance calculator
- Single layer coil inductance calculator
- Added a strip-line calculator with impedance match attenuator

WinRFCalc V2.3.1.1 Update 311222

- The application for a Free license of 2022 users is simplified.
- The old ID can be entered in the application form now.

WinRFCalc V2.3.1.0 released on January 1st, 2023

From January, 1st 2023 and onwards WinRFCalc can only be downloaded, and is only supported

Two versions are available for this program:
- FREE Trial version, with limited capabilities.
- PRO version, full capabilities with a low-cost subscription selectable between 1, 2 and 3 years with attractive discounts up to 50% for the 3 years Pro license. For more information, please refer to the web-site of the program.

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