WinRFCalc version V2403 is online

 Windows 10, 11  &  DOT-NET Framework 4.8 support

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What can you expect in WinRFCalc V2400?

-  Antenna parameters
        *  Antenna gain calculator
        *  Field strength calculator
        *  Free space loss calculator

-  Transmit loop antenna designer for short wave
        * A very compact antenna design for frequencies between 3.5 and 30 MHz

-  High Voltage air isolated plate capacitor design
        *  This calculator calculates how to create an air isolated HV tuning capacitor for a Magnetic loop antenna.

-  Imaginary number calculations
        *  Add, Subtract, Multiply and Divide complex number calculator

-  RF mixer spurious calculation
        * See spurious and harmonics behavior in an RF mixer

-  DSP
        *  Filter coefficient calculator
        *  Time versus frequency demonstrator

-  Unit converters
        *  Watts, dBm, Volts dBuV conversion calculator
        *  Antenna gain and field strength calculator
        *  Near and far field calculator

-  Attenuators and resistive matching
        *  PI attenuator calculator to match Z and improve S11

-  Basic electrical calculations
        *  Capacitive reactance calculator
        *  Inductive reactance calculator
        *  Resonance calculator

-  EMC system calculations
        *  Conducted immunity calculator
        *  Radiated immunity calculator
        *  HIRF Calculator

-  LC filters and hybrid couplers
        *  Butterworth filter calculator
        *  Chebyshev filter calculator
        *  SAR Calculator
        *  Strip Line Calculator
        *  TEM Cell calculator

-  Radar calculations
        *  A collection of Radar related RF calculator, like a test range simulator

-  A large range of general RF calculators
        *  Noise related calculator
        *  Inter-modulation calculator
        *  Cascaded amplifiers calculator
        *  Passive inter modulation analyzer, professional version

-  Number format conversions
        *  Decimal to 
            # binary
            #  octal
            #  hexadecimal

-  Transmission line design with a large variety of layouts

-  Various EMC shielding topics
        *  Plane wave shielding calculator
        *  Waveguide cut off calculator
        *  Skin depth calculator
        *  Cavity resonance calculator
        *  Near field shielding calculator

-  Noise related calculators
        *  Noise temperature / noise figure calculator
        *  Receiver sensitivity calculator
        *  Data throughput calculator
        *  Error Vector Magnitude calculator
        *  Spurious Free Dynamic Range (SFDR) calculator

Navigation to the calculators is done via the button tiles on the various switchboard windows.

You will experience that the GUI of each individual calculator is optimized for user experience and ease of working by reducing the number of keyboard interactions by making use of numeric up-down controls and sliders with immediate updates of the results.

Below some parts of screens in the program.


  • Intermod_1
  • Stripline_web
  • Cavity_Resonance
  • TL_impedances_1
  • PowerUnitsConv_1
  • RadarSim
  • CascadedNoise
  • FIR-design
  • Coaxial
  • RXsens
  • SARcalculator
  • FarFieldUnit


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