WinRFCalc V1.9.9.5 is available per September 19th 2022 and online.

WinRFCalc is a Free Windows RF Calculator designed for EMC RF and Radio Engineers and offering a large variety of tools for:

  • Attenuation calculations
  • VSWR analysis
  • FIR Filter taps calculations
  • EMC system configurations
  • Radar calculations
  • RF Filters calculations

and more, without the need of a live internet connection.

There is no advertising in WinRFCalc cluttering your screen so that you do not have to scroll over web-based pages. The program is well maintained and has regular updates.

To make the user interface as simple, and as easy to work with as possible, the design implements as much as possible all input variables as mouse movable sliders, causing to output fields to follow the corresponding calculated values.


Most of the screenshots are made of the V2.0.0.0 version which will be released on Jan 1st, 2023. Therefore some of the screens will look a bit different compared to the current version.

Users are informed by e-mail when a new version is available.



 WinRFCalc Windows RF Calculator