Please note that due to out of office we can not provide startup codes till next week Monday 5th of June 2023. Thanks for your patience. 

WinRFCalc edition V2.3.2.3, released on 31-May-2023

Operating systems supported Windows 10, 11

We have prepared an introduction video showing you all the capabilities of the program in 58 minutes. You can view this video on our YouTube channel and watch all our calculator introduction videos.

  • Intermod_1
  • Stripline_web
  • Cavity_Resonance
  • TL_impedances_1
  • PowerUnitsConv_1
  • RadarSim
  • CascadedNoise
  • FIR-design
  • Coaxial
  • RXsens
  • SARcalculator
  • FarFieldUnit

 Windows RF Calculator