TEM cell (Crawford cell) / stripline calculator.

A TEM-cell, or Crawford cell, is a device mainly used in EMC RF immunity testing and the calibration of RF probes. TEM stands for Transverse Electro Magnetic.

The most easy way to explain the operation of a TEM cell is a 'in size exploded coaxial cable' with room enough to allow a device under test to be placed inside the cell an test this device under well known RF E-field conditions.

The vertical RF E-field inside the cell can be calculated from the applied RF power to the input of the cell (Vrms) and the distance (d) between the internal septum and the walls of the cell. With this tool this task is very easy, just change the applied RF power to the input and the septum height and read the generated E-field inside the cell.

A general condition is that the volume/sizes of the device under test (DUT) is about a 3rd maximum of the sizes/volume of the TEM cell.

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