DSP FIR-filter calculator, V2400

With this tool, you can calculate the filter taps (coefficients) of four types Kaiser-Bessel FIR (Finite Impulse Response) digital filters:

  • Low pass
  • High pass
  • Band pass
  • Band stop

depending on the sampling rate, number of taps and attenuation levels.

The list on the right-hand side of the window holds the filter coefficients, which can be exported to a text file by clicking on the save file menu via the menu bar. The result becomes available in a Public Folders directory.

The tool works very intuitive, as any change in setting parameters the resulting filter curve and list of coefficients is updated immediately. After a change in filter parameters, you immediately see the result in the design, filter curve and coefficients list.

You can save and recall your filter designs where WinRFCalc automatically creates an intuitive filename from which you can read the filter design. And of course you can save the coefficient list as a text file for later use in other programs.

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