Short wave Magnetic Loop Antenna calculator (V2400).

A brand-new developed Transmit Magnetic Loop antenna calculator. With this tool, it is possible to calculate and analyze the performance of 'small' magnetic loop antenna's. Their big advantage is their very compact size compared to wavelength. With this calculator it is possible to see how efficiency, bandwidth and Q-factor vary as function of the antenna design parameters like:

-  Shape (Circle, Octagon, Square)

-  Radiator diameter

-  Loop area based on the shape of the loop.

-  Tuning

To tune the loop to its operating frequency, an air isolated or vacuum high voltage tuning capacitor is required. Use this capacitor calculator tool to design the air isolated capacitor. The air isolated capacitor calculator is a very complete tool, including RF Breakdown analysis.

The RF breakdown analysis has been added to the tool based on a Master Thesis of Ivan Aponte, Texas Tech University, USA.

* note: this calculator will be available in the version, with a planned release date of January 2024.

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