WinRFCalc introduction

WinRFCalc offers many advantages and allows to create a clean design, with a clear user interface. Compared to on-line calculators WinRFCalc offers the following advantages.

-  No advertisements cluttering your screen or the active Window in which you are working.

-  Work off-line when required.

-  Making full use of the strength of the environment. 

-  Save and open work on the PC available in a number of calculators (Pro Edition)

-  Put a Window you use often 'always on-top' so that it is never 'buried' below other applications you are working with.

-  Make use of the favorites bar and define the position of the bar and your own shortcuts to calculators you often use.

-  Read the specifications and differences between Free Trial and the Pro Edition in this PDF


Free Student Version: When you install WinRFCalc on your device, it will initially run by default in a Free Trial limited edition. The limitations compared to the Pro Edition can be found in a comparison document that you can download here.

 Windows RF Calculator